Attention Latino Trump Supporters: You Are F**ked Like the Rest of Us

Attention Latino Trump Supporters: You Are F**ked Like the Rest of Us

When I was four years old, my family emigrated from Cuba to the U.S. As we settled and my father got an understanding of U.S. politics, we became a Republican family. Growing up in Miami and being cubana, it was as if there was no other choice.

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It could be that our country does not have a valid government system, so we steer to what sounds right, or it could be because paying more taxes because you work harder and make a higher income sounds messed up. Regardless, I get it. As a Republican, I understand why Latino communities like mine didn’t want another four years of the Democratic Party. Honestly, I wasn’t a Hillary Clinton fan myself. However, we messed up – majorly.

I am outraged that 29 percent of Latinos voted for “the Trumpster,” especially my Cubans. Do you not remember how Fidel Castro converted Cuba into a one-party socialist state under Communist Party rule, a legacy our island is still struggling from? My immigrants, you have given Trump the power to take our freedom – the one we all came to this country for, just because we wanted to be red again.

You are all boasting about the victory now, but you might be second-guessing your decision when he ships you right back to where you came from.

There is so much more on the line here than Red vs. Blue, including threatening policies and issues that won’t skip you just because you benefit from white privilege.

You may look white and exist in this world with more opportunities than your darker family members and community, but that doesn’t mean you are white – or rather are “seen” as white.

We are all at risk and have no idea what the next four years is going to offer, especially women. This is a major setback. White supremacy and patriarchy reign in this country, meaning Latinas have a lot to lose. I refuse to give a man, one with a record of sexual assault, power over my body, to sexualize me to the point where I’m stripped of my humanity.

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We must work together, across party lines, to protect each other. We have to fight for women’s rights, LGBT rights and for affordable healthcare. We have to assert that black lives matter. We have to support immigrants. We fight. We don’t give up!