Could a Latino Become the Next Vice President of the United States?

Could A Latino Be In The Running As The Next U.S. Vice President?

If it wasn't already a historic election year with Hillary Clinton's run, the Democratic Party could be making the ballot much more interesting.

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A Democratic National Committee official mentioned that Clinton has her eye on three particular potential candidates to run with her as her Vice President, and they're all Latino.

DNC Financial Chair Henry Muñoz III listed off the names which included Labor Secretary Tom Perez, Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro and Rep. Xavier Beccera of California.

Clinton has received lots of support from the Latino population since her first run in 2008 where she ran against Obama for the Democratic nominee position. While Senator Bernie Sanders has been the favorite up to this point among Latinos, especially Latino millennials, he knows that he will probably not win the nomination in this race.

Clinton's Latino support is expected to rise, as those who would've voted for Sanders are expected to give her their votes. With Trump having especially energized Latino voters with his xenophobic remarks and particularly vocal attitude towards Mexico and undocumented immigrants.

"This is a historic campaign," Muñoz said. "We've nominated the first woman to be the nominee — the representative of a major American political party. It would also be historic to have a Latino on the ticket." 

All three candidates are incredibly qualified in their own ways, and to see a Latino on the ballot to potentially take the White House would be incredibly significant to our community.

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"What you're seeing in the community now is more than ever is a historic activation of Latinos to be engaged," Muñoz said. "Latinos recognize in this election what is important to them and their families."