Latina Staff Speaks Candidly About Fears of Trump's Looming Presidency

Inauguration is quickly approaching, and for many, Donald Trump's big day feels like Doom's Day 2017.

Trump will officially become the 45th president of the United States this Friday, and while supporters praise his election victory, a majority of Americans are feeling uncertain. His entrance into the White House has stirred up anxiety and fear among the historically marginalized. The president-elect is taking office to one of the lowest approval ratings an incoming president has earned, and his Twitter rhetoric does little to unite after a brutal election. 

So what’s next? We can’t ignore what a Trump presidency might have in store for our community. What we can do is stay vigilant, hold our government to task and speak about the concerns we have openly and honestly. The Latina staff came together to share our concerns, keep the dialogue going and remind you that you aren’t alone and that we are committed to giving you the information you need to thrive for the next four years, and generations to come. 

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1. LS Trump Presidency Concerns: Jada Gomez

A Rise in Hate Crimes 

"When Trump won the election last November, my fear was the threat of increased hate crimes. Perhaps without knowing it, his rhetoric gives a voice to those in the country who believe the only way to 'make America great again' is to silence the diversity that truly makes this nation great." - Jada Gomez, Digital Deputy Editor 

2. LS Trump Presidency Concerns: Jesus Trivino

Affordable Health Care 

"My sisters and I care for our elderly father who depends on our nation's healthcare for his well-being. If Trump repeals Obamacare and does other revisions to this country's health care, my father, who is a stroke victim and currently in a home, might be in jeopardy. This is a man who worked his entire life, never once took government assistance, and now needs this country to watch over him in his last years. But Trump and people like him don't care because they don't know about the everyman struggle. They're not the everyman — they're the one percent." Jesus Trivino, Entertainment Director 

3. LS Trump Presidency Concerns: Ashley Jimenez


"Trump plans to defund the public school system. He recently elected Betsy DeVos to lead the Department of Education, who in the past defunded public schools. With some schools already struggling throughout the U.S., my concern is the danger of pulling resources from our future Latino generation. Even though a set plan isn't confirmed, it can be scary to know that the children may not get the education they deserve due to lack of government funding. DeVos herself has no personal experience with government-run education. She also has no connection with the public school system."- Ashley Jimenez, Beauty Assistant 

4. LS Trump Presidency Concerns: Raquel Reichard

A Militarized Police Force

"I have (too) many concerns under a Trump presidency, but high on that list of fears is the president-elect's vow to militarize the police force. Issues like mass incarceration, stop-and-frisk, police violence, the war on drugs, the school-to-prison pipeline and the box, among others, have fiercly impacted my Puerto Rican family and community, and it's devastating to hear that the self-proclaimed 'law and order' newbie politico wants to reverse a 2015 executive order that restricted officers from accessing military-style weapons and, in turn, making grenade launches, bayonets, tracked armored vehicles and high-powered guns available to police departments. At a time when Black and brown people are being killed by officers on a daily-to-weekly basis, and receive little-to-no punishment, it's infuriating – and terrifying – that he has chosen to militarize law enforcement, making everyday walks and even anti-police violence protests more dangerous."- Raquel Reichard, Politics & Culture Editor 


5. LS Trump Presidency Concerns: Connie Chavez


"As a Peruvian-American who immigrated here with her entire family to escape a government that had systematically failed its people, I can say that immigrants come here with the mentality to better ourselves and improve the country that has graciously opened its doors to us. On that note, one of my main concerns is Trump's immigration policy. He has yet to release a formal immigration plan; however, he has stated that he will deport as many as three million undocumented immigrants, including DREAMers, a decision that, along with tearing families apart, will plummet America into a larger debt crisis. His strategy of deport first, ask questions later, perfectly showcases the logic of a politically unprepared robber baron who is unfit to lead this nation built by and for immigrants."- Connie Chavez, Video Producer 

6. LS Trump Presidency Concerns: Barbara Gonzalez

Marriage Equality 

"As I saw things take a turn for the worst live on election night, there was literally one thing that I had in my mind: I might never be able to marry the person I love. While I understand that there are so many other things that could go wrong for the LGBTQ+ community with a Trump presidency (hate crimes, workplace/healthcare discrimination, etc.), my heart broke at that single thought. If same-sex marriage is repealed, I lose my right as a queer woman to have my marriage be recognized as legitimate."- Barbara Gonzalez, Politics & Culture Writer

7. LS Trump Presidency Concerns: Nichole Fratangelo

Personal Relationships 

"For me, Trump's presidency is most threatening to my relationships with my family and friends. Though everyone is entitled to their opinions, I've found it difficult to accept that those closest to me are supportive of such a leader. The next four years will be filled with many "walking on egg shell" moments and disrupted dinners."- Nichole Fratangelo, Editorial Assistant 

8. LS Trump Presidency Concerns: Bianca Mercado

Planned Parenthood Defunding

"Many, like myself, are uninsured and depend on organizations such as Planned Parenthood for support. This creates obstacles for millions of women to access basic reproductive healthcare necessities. Women of color, in particular, are affected to a distressing extent. Women deserve the right to govern their bodies as they see fit, affordably."- Bianca Mercado, Sales and Creative Coordinator