Immigration Bill: How Do We Make the Bad, Good?

The 844 page long “Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act” unveiled by the Senate so-called Gang of Eight is at best "C" level work.

Click here to read the bill in its entirety.

Reaching consensus on sweeping legislation means that no one got everything she wanted. Key elements include:

  • A pathway for citizenship for the 11 million immigrants who haven’t committed a felony, after benchmarks are met including civics classes, English proficiency, and fines totalling $2,000. But to apply?
  • Border security targets must be met. To this end, $5 billion over 10 years is being allocated to deploy more agents and increase surveillance. Also, verifying employees’ work status will be mandatory.
  • More temporary visas for skilled workers. Green card holders have a quicker way to bring their spouses and children to the U.S. No mention of same-sex couples.