Hugo Chávez: A Timeline of His Declining Health

Whether you saw him as a political savior or socialist tyrant, Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez lived up to his reputation of being a fighter. Diagnosed with cancer in 2011, the 58-year-old leader was dedicated to beating cancer and completing his new six-year term. As we honor the legacy and history he left behind, we take a look back at Chávez’s declining health throughout recent years.

1. Chavez Health Timeline: 1

In June 2011, the Venezuelan president publically confirmed that he was diagnosed with cancer. In a televised address, Chavez stated that he would travel to Cuba and get several tumors removed from his pelvic area. During that time, he also received numerous rounds of chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

2. Chavez Health Timeline: 2

A month later, the Venezuelan government asserted that Chavez was in full recovery. However, he returned to Cuba later that month to continue his cancer treatment.

3. Chavez Health Timeline: 3

For his 57th birthday, the dictator made a rare public appearance in a bright yellow shirt as supporters cheered him on. In an interview with BBC, he confessed that his health decline inspired him to aim for a "more diverse, more reflective and multi-faceted" political period.

4. Chavez Health Timeline: 4

In July 2012, the politician once again affirmed that he was fully recovered from cancer. A few months later he was able to win his fourth term in office by beating presidential hopeful, Henrique Capriles.

5. Chavez Health Timeline: 5

Six months later, Cuban doctors detected malignant cancer cells and he was flown back to the island for treatment. He ended up suffering a respiratory infection while undergoing the surgery, but it was reportedly cured.

6. Chavez Health Timeline: 6

In February, Chavez returned to his home in Venezuela after receiving his last cancer treatment in Cuba. During his time home, he received chemotherapy and continued to fight for his health. A month later, reports claimed that his breathing problems progressively worsened before his death on March 5th. He left behind four children Rosa Virginia, María Gabriela, Hugo Rafael, and Rosinés.