Que?! Hispanic Chamber President Javier Palomarez Joins Donald Trump's National Diversity Coalition

Que?! Hispanic Chamber President Javier Palomarez Joins Donald Trump's National Diversity Coalition

One of Donald Trump's biggest foes just became one of his advisers.

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Javier Palomarez, the president of the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, spent much of the 2016 presidential campaign criticizing the real estate mogul. He condemned Trump for refusing to sit down with him, unlike other candidates, including Ted Cruz, John Kasich, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, as well as for his controversial position on immigration.

Well, apparently it’s a new year and a new Javier, because Palomarez has since crossed over, taking a position as an adviser for Trump’s national diversity coalition.

“Our association is going to respect the process and respect the will of the people. We’re going to do everything we can to help the new administration move this country forward,” Palomarez told BuzzFeed. “I’m very enthused and encouraged by the progress thus far.”

According to three sources, the Mexican-American was discussed as a possible candidate for a cabinet position.

“Because Javier explained to me that he was not in a position to leave the Hispanic chamber of commerce, I asked him to serve as an advisor to [Trump’s] national diversity coalition,” Michael Cohen, the president-elect’s attorney and adviser, told the news site.

According to Cohen, there are other Latinos in the national diversity coalition, though none as powerful as Palomarez.

The group was created in part to “dispel the notion that Mr. Trump is one of the many things that the liberal mainstream media tried to label him as — that he is anti-Hispanic,” Cohen added.

Palomarez, who says he still disagrees with much of the president-elect's political positions, especially on immigration, is hopeful.

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“In my conversations with [Cohen], they’ve made it clear to me they’re not in the business of breaking up families and deporting children,” Palomarez said. “Now does that make it into policy? I can’t say, man.”

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