4 Examples of Hispandering in the 2016 Presidential Race

4 Examples of Hispandering in the 2016 Presidential Race

If there’s something we learned during this election, it’s that the Latino vote is an important one to win over if you want the keys to the White House. Candidates are so eager to win the hearts of Latinos that they are turning to “Hispandering,” expressing fake interest in Latinos – as well as their issues and their culture – in an effort to gain their vote.

Here are some of the Hispandering tactics we’ve seen so far during this race:

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1. “La Hillary Clinton:” The queen of Hispandering Hillary Clinton has pulled a couple of antics in order to win over the Latino vote, going as far as claiming to be like our “abuelas.” An article titled “7 Ways Hillary is Just Like Your Abuela” (title later changed) was posted late last year on her website, and it rightfully angered a number of Latinos. They took to twitter to clap back at “Our Abuela Hillary” with the hashtag #NotMyAbuela. But that’s not all. At a campaign stop last year, Clinton earned some eye rolls in San Antonio after she called herself “Tu Hillary” and danced to JLo’s “Let’s Get Loud.” Later, she was even spotted dancing merengue at a rally in Washington Heights, a major Dominican neighborhood in New York.

2. Ted Cruz Para Presidente: Although Ted Cruz is no longer in the presidential race, we can’t seem to forget his infamous “Ted Cruz Para Presidente” ad. For those who haven’t seen it, the ad basically displays his family’s immigrant background and Latino roots. This is the same guy who said bilingual education creates a “language ghetto” back in 2012.

3. Jeb Bush Cinco de Mayo: Adding to the list of infamous ads is Jeb Bush’s “Cinco de Mayo” commercial. In it, Bush speaks in Spanish about celebrating our ties to Mexico and, of course, doesn’t fail to mention that his wife is Mexican. We got it the first ten times, Jeb.

4. Donald Trump loves Hispanics and Hispanics love him: The world may never know if Myriam Witcher, the Colombian immigrant who went on stage during a Trump rally in Las Vegas to express her support for Donald Trump, was paid by his campaign or if she was being genuine. Nonetheless, the encounter was awkward and seemed staged. Trump denied that this was a set-up, but when a majority of the Latino population doesn’t like you, it wouldn’t be surprising if he hired someone like Witcher to say, “I am Hispanic, and I vote for Mr. Trump!”

His latest failed attempt to win over Latinos was a picture he posted on twitter for Cinco de Mayo. In it, he’s eating a taco bowl with the caption, “Happy #CincoDeMayo! The best taco bowls are made in Trump Tower Grill. I love Hispanics!” Trump, you can’t bash Latinos and then tweet that you love us. It doesn’t work like that.

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It’s time for politicians to learn that Latinos are more than just a voting bloc. We are a people who deserve more than Hispandering.