Excessive Force Used Against Voters For The Independence Of Catalonia

The referendum on Catalonia’s independence was held despite being banned and was surrounded by violence involving the police and voters. 

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Hundreds of individuals have been injured while attempting to vote, among those a woman was caught on video being tugged out of a polling station violently by officers as she tried to walk past them. The woman (Marta Torrecillas) stated that they had sexually and physically assaulted her, by breaking her fingers one by one and groping her unwillingly.

She expresses what happened to her in a video stating, "I was thrown down the stairs, I was kicked. I had my fingers broken one by one. In the middle of stairways with my clothes lifted, the officers touched my breasts, laughing,"

The clip below captures parts of the moment expressed in her statement: 


Excessive force was used by police officers as they prevented individuals from casting their vote, 90% of the millions of people that were able to vote sided with the independence of Catalan from Spain. The Spanish Prime Minister Rafael Catala said, "If anyone plans to declare the independence of part of the territory of Spain, as it can't since it does not have the power to do so, we would have to do everything within the law to impede this."

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The video shows police attacking voters with their hands up: