Election 2012: Why the Latino Vote Was the Story Last Night!

Latino voters proved to be the key demographic for politicians to focus on during Election 2012. With an estimated 24 million Hispanics eligible to hit the polls and at least 12 million expected to cast their ballot, Latinos were empowered to make their vote count – especially in swing states like Nevada, Florida, and Colorado.

Latinos came out to vote in record numbers last night and now make up 17% of voters – compared to 15% in 2008. In addition, an ImpreMedia-Latino Decisions poll revealed yesterday that Obama had won 75% of Latino voters nationwide.

As the countdown to Election Day 2012 reached its end, a poll suggested that a strong majority of Latinas favored President Barack Obama over Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. According to the results, 74% of Latinas planned to vote for Obama verses 21% who favored Romney, with a marginal gap of 53%.

The poll also analyzed the gender gap political views between Latinas and Latino men. Among Latinos, 61% revealed that they plan to vote for Obama, while 32% said they preferred Romney. Between genders, 27% of Latinos support Romney, 5% higher compared to Latinas.

In addition, the Latino voting percentage was large even in states like Ohio and Pennsylvania, which aren’t thought of as having large Latino populations. The Latino turnout largely influenced President Obama’s reelection and debunked the myth that Latinos do not vote.

What are your thoughts on the Latino voter turnout?