Donald Trump’s Twitter Rants Aren’t Going Anywhere

Donald Trump’s Twitter Rants Aren’t Going Anywhere
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Donald Trump’s Twitter rants have been criticized from everyday people and political officials on the ideological left and right – so much so that his campaign began to supervise his account during the days leading up to the election. When he was announced president-elect, many assumed the unnecessary, controversial tweets would halt, but even weeks away from starting his presidency, Trump is still one of the social media platform’s biggest trolls.

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Let's take a look:

On November 10, the former reality TV star called protestors, using their first amendment right to speak out against the president-elect’s problematic rhetoric and proposals, “unfair.”



On November 13, he called out the New York Times for reporting facts and questioning authorities – you know, journalism.



On November 19, he referred to peaceful words from the cast of "Hamilton" as harassment.



On November 26, Trump called Greens and Democrats “demoralized” for initiating recounts in states both parties believe Hillary Clinton, who gained the popular vote, might’ve won.



The next day, he alleged, without proof, that millions of people voted illegally during the election.



On November 28, the president-elect threatened to terminate the U.S.’ peace agreement with Cuba.



That same day, he retweeted a 16-year-old who was trash-talking CNN correspondent Jeff Zeleny.



Today, on November 29, the president-elect suggested that protestors who burn the U.S. flag should be imprisoned or lose their citizenship.



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The tweets are getting even more dangerous as he nears his presidency.