Trump Supporter Calls Puerto Ricans "Invaders," Ignores U.S. Invasion & Colonization of Island

When Donald Trump supporters went to the ballots on Election Day to act as "poll watchers," on the lookout for voter fraud, at least one defender had his eyes specifically on Puerto Ricans.

What makes the group, U.S. citizens, so threatening?

According to the elderly white man, "Puerto Ricans and Hispanics are voting several times," and, as for Boricuas in particular, "they're not immigrants; they're invaders.” That’s what the man told The Daily Show’s Desi Lydic.

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Invaders is an ironic choice of words considering the United States literally invaded Puerto Rico in 1898 and colonized the archipelago, a status the Caribbean territory still maintains today.

It’s in part because of colonialism that Puerto Rico is dealing with a financial crisis that has pushed tens of thousands of islanders to the U.S. mainland, where they are able to vote in presidential elections – to, of course, the dissatisfaction of this Trump poll watcher.

Can’t believe this level of ignorance is possible? Watch the segment above.

(h/t Vibe)