6 Things You Need to Know This Morning

6 Things You Need to Know This Morning
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1. Donald Trump responded to last night's Golden Globe awards after Meryl Streep publically called him out in an award acceptance speech. In a phone interview with the New York Times, president-elect Trump reportedly described the actress as a "Hillary lover", and said he had not watched the speech or award show, but that he was not surprised to be criticized by "liberal movie people". (THR)

2. A new documentary presents the late David Bowie's life in a whole different way. David Bowie: The Last Five Years focuses specifically on the last five years of the star's career. (BBC)

3. Airports across the country have increased their normal security after last week's shooting in Fort Lauderdale. Boston's Logan airport, New York City's airports and Los Angeles' airport have all deployed extra officers, just to name a few. (ABC News)

4. Hillary Clinton was spotted at New York's Broadway hit, The Color Purple. The presidential candidate and her family received several ovations, both when arriving and leaving the theater. (New York Times)

5. President Barack Obama said that he's "fine" with changing healthcare plan ObamaCare to "TrumpCare", come inauguration day. (Fox News)

6. Mike Tyson may be gearing up for another ear-biting fight: The star claims he's currently training Chris Brown to fight Soulja Boy, amidst their ongoing feud. (Yahoo)