Donald Trump is Behind Campaign's "Make Mexico Great Again Also" Hats

Donald Trump Behind Campaign's "Make Mexico Great Again Also" Hats
Chris Kelly @leninstomb

Just when you thought the Trump campaign couldn’t get more strange, the Republican nominee found a way to make his camp out-weird itself with “Make Mexico Great Again Also” hats.

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Whether you’re scratching your head because Donald Trump, the candidate who has built his campaign on slamming Mexico, is now suddenly interested in its prosperity or the odd phrasing of the hat, there’s consensus that this ish is bonkers.

The hats made their debut on Wednesday, when former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani and Arizona Sen. Jeff Sessions wore the cap while speaking in Phoenix, Arizona, where the presidential candidate gave his much-anticipated speech on immigration following his return from Mexico.

According to the campaign, it was Trump behind the hat, too.



The Internet, always ready to make the best of puzzling Trump moments, responded accordingly. Take a look!