Could the Election be Postponed Because of Sandy?

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, millions are without power and even more are dealing with the general devestation of the superstorm. Many on the East Coast are starting to wonder, among many other things, will voting areas be ready by election time on Tuesday? 

It's been estimated that it will be days, if not more than a week, to restore power to the 8 million homes and businesses that lost power. So it's possible that power could still be out in parts of some states on Election Day next Tuesday, reports Fox News Latino. This would be a major problem for those precincts that rely on electronic voting machines. 

Apparently, many of those involved in the election are also unsure how this will play out. When White House Press Secretary Jay Carney was asked on Monday whether Barack Obama had the power to reschedule the election, he said he wasn't sure. 

While the November 6 election date could potentially be changed, it's very unlikely -- and not up to the president. Congress holds that power. Congress could try and act to change the date, but that's unlikely as they are on recess. And with a change of date, the date would need to be changed for the entire country, not just those on the East Coast. 

The presidential election has never been postponed, so there's really no precedent for this. More paper ballots may have to be used, or voting hours extended to serve more people at less polling locations. 

FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, is monitoring the impact on the election and has said it will do what it can to support states and the election. It seems we'll have to wait and see.

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