CEO of Univision Formally Complains About Lack of Latino Presidential Debate Moderators

Presidential and vice presidential debate moderators have been announced by the Commission on Presidential Debates and some people are not too happy with the picks. One of those not happy with the selections? Randy Falco, CEO of Univision, who wrote a strongly worded letter to Janet Brown, the head of the CPD.

While two women have been named as moderators, no journalists of color are questioning the candidates for the first time since 1996, reports the Huffington Post. CNN's Candy Crowley, CBS' Bob Schieffer, PBS' Jim Lehrer and ABC's Martha Raddatz have been selected to moderate the three presidential and one vice presidential debates in October. 

In his letter of protest, Falco called for an additional debate focused on Latino issues, while also questioning the logic of having no Hispanic moderators on the panel, especially while the Latino vote is expected to play a critical role in the election. 

"Since you have already made your decision on moderators for the debates and have neglected to have someone speak credibly to the concerns of Hispanics in America, Univision would be willing to create a forum for the presidential candidates to address this sector of our society," said Falco. 

Read the full letter here and let us know, does Falco have a valid point?