Celebrities Reacting To The Events of Charlottesville

With the horrifying events and hatred in Charlottesville this weekend, there was an outpour of celebrities who spoke out on social media. From Demi Lovato to Romeo Santos these A-listers used their platform to elevate and bring awareness to the devasting event. 

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The King of Bachata, Romeo Santos reposted a visual of the flowers laid out at the scene of Charlottesville. He captioned the photo, " Our prayers are with the heroes in VA. We rebuke white supremacy & Nazi ideology. Love is stronger than hate. Unity & love will prevail.‬" 


Demi Lovato is no stranger to bring awareness to her followers. Back in July, when Donald Trump spoke negatively of transgender troops the Confident singer took to Twitter stating "I just want to tell the transgender community that I love you and you are supported no matter what. #ProtectTransTroops." As a compassionate message to the public, the 24-year-old posted the photo above calling out Americans who want to ignore what's happening. "With everything that's going on, it's so easy to look the other way and say "I don't want to watch the news, it's too negative" or dismiss what's going on in our country because it's too scary to actually be true. But it is. Violence and hate are overwhelming our country today and it's time that this generation changes that. Black, Muslim, gay, bisexual, trans, etc. you are perfect the way you are and you ARE LOVED. Do not listen to evil no matter how loud it gets. I am with you during this time and things will change." 




"If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention", has been posted, reposted and seen on all social platforms. Mexican-American and newly solo artist, Camila Cabello went for a straight forward approach using a graphic photo which symbolized all the events happening in the news. From the Nazi group rallying to a black flash photo from civil right movement comparing to today, the Havana singer used the hashtag "ImpeachTrump". 


Adrienne Bailon used a quote to move us all to step into the fight as a warrior. The Puerto Rican beauty posted the quote above from Speaker & Poet Cleo Wade. "We all know people who have said or done something that is wrong while we remained silent or tried to justify it because of the other person's background, age or by saying "well they aren't THAT racist" Enough is Enough," reposted the 33-year-old. Many followers supported the post with over flowing comments of love and respect. 


"Condemnation is expected. Anger is understood. But only action, work, sacrifice and struggle will yield progress," reposted America Ferrea. The actress and activist used Cory Booker as inspiration as she let her followers know hard needs to be done. The Honduran activist has been extremely involved with political rallies in the country from delivering a powerful statement at the Women's March to supporting immigration rights.  It's safe to say, she's a force of nature! 


Mexican-American beauty, Eva Longoria shared her heart with all the victims and people affected by the events in Charlottesville. She reposted a Common's adding this message: I'm constantly asking myself, what more can I do to help this country. To help Americans who suffer every day. My heart breaks to see what happened in Charlottesville but we can't stay on the sideline. We all gotta help to fix this. This cannot define who we are, who America is. Hate DOES NOT define us. Thx for your words @Common". The Tejan born star has been a political activist since the beginning of her career. In July, she spoke Democratic National Convention around immigration. She left the crowd speechless as she stated, “I’m ninth-generation American. My family never crossed the border, the border crossed us.”