What’s Cooking?

A Latino house at the holidays is a pleasure to behold, and a treasure to embrace! Just one whiff of the scents from the kitchen can often transport us back to Grandma’s kitchen, full of laughter and warmth as aunts and cousins gathered to excitedly turn out the annual holiday feast. Cooking is as much about emotional nourishment as about sustenance—so here are new ways to celebrate a time-honored heritage:


  • Have amateur cooks do the grocery shopping! With smartphones at our fingertips, they can snap and text photos as they grocery shop (“Right kind of filling for pumpkin empanadas? Plantains too ripe?”) to get instant feedback  from the family’s Cook-in-Chief.
  • The most memorable holiday moments are often the ones captured candidly. Make sure you keep a camera handy during meal-time prep—the tenderness of grandmother demonstrating her pudin de pan techniques to grandchildren or shots of the kitchen crew toasting one another with glasses of coquito will be priceless in years to come.
  • Upload pictures instantly to share your real-time celebration with family members from across the globe. That way, everyone can imagine that they’re gathered at the same table savoring cordero asado and patatas fritas.
  • If you’re lucky enough to have older relatives who can share their food traditions or treasured dishes, print their stories/recipes in advance and make a scroll, tied up with a ribbon, at each place setting. This is a great surprise gift, and a great way to spark stories at the table!
  • Traditional Latino dishes have a very rich history that’s worth sharing. Go online to look up the origin of the various Latino dishes you’ll be enjoying, and share printouts of the info at each place setting.


Sights, scents, sounds and snapshots…the unmistakable glow of your picturesque and delectable holidays will be savored for years to come.