The Top 20 Latino Baby Names of 2011!

Don’t you just love baby names? The possibilities are endless, really. 

Which is why we were really excited when the “Top 100 Hispanic Names of 2011” list was released recently. Organized by BabyCenter, the lengthy list by the pregnancy and parenting website is based on more than 60,000 names of babies born this year from mamis who registered with the Spanish language version of BabyCenter, BabyCenter en Español.

An array of factors, such as current events and social media, has played into how parents choose the names for their little ones. According to BabyCenter, the name Valentina (Salma Hayek’s daughter anyone?) remained in the top 10 because of the popular Univision telenovela Soy Tu Dueña. The soap opera reportedly broke audience records in the U.S. last year with an average 5.4 million viewers per episode! With numbers like that, its no wonder the name Valentina was on peoples’ minds.

Below, check out this year’s top 10 Latino baby names for both sexes and tell us – do you know anyone by this name? Would you name your child any of these names – or have you already? If you're curious about seeing the entire list, click here.

Girl Names

1. Sofía

2. Isabella

3. Camila

4. Valentina

5. Valeria

6. Mariana

7. Luciana

8. Daniela

9. Gabriela

10. Victoria

Boy Names

1. Santiago

2. Sebastián

3. Matías

4. Mateo

5. Nicolás

6. Alejandro

7. Diego

8. Samuel

9. Benjamin

10. Daniel