Timeless Traditions, Modern Twist

Some of what we love about the holiday is truly timeless – the gathering of family, the wonder on children’s faces, the beauty of church bells calling all to La Misa Del Gallo on Christmas Eve. Why not capture that magic all season long, merging your family’s best customs with fun new traditions?



  • Throw a dessert party for your kids and their friends and have them all share their own family customs and recipes with each other. You never know, a new tradition might be born, so make sure you snap a few photos so that you remember the moment for years to come.
  • Take an evening drive and take pictures of the best or most interesting holiday decorations in your town.
  • Organize a caroling session – a true American tradition -- to bring cheer to a nursing home near you. Extend the spirit of the holidays even more by printing out a Happy Holidays photo for each home you visit, signed by the entire group!
  • To celebrate all the generations: ask each family member to lend you holiday photos of themselves through the years, and scan them on the sly. Print out multiples copies, and make a scrapbook or collage of “Holiday Memories, Old and New” as mementos for each family member (for those far away you can photo share online). Pass the collages out at dinner so that each family member can dish on the story behind their photo.
  • Have a crafty ornament day with the kids. Print photos of everyone in the family and glue them onto ornaments to hang on the tree.
  • Download a phone app (such as Hipstamatic or Instagram) that offers different old fashioned film filters. Send these photos to your printer and create a vintage looking collage. Pair this with a distressed looking frame and you’ll have a gorgeous hanging conversation piece.



Family, laughter, tender moments, warm times spent together…holiday memories are truly made of these, and worth preserving in pictures now and forever.