10 Things You Didn't Know About Having a Baby

Having a baby is, at the risk of sounding cheesy, life-changing. But even if you're ready for the next step, there are some things you're never really prepared for. Read on to find out just a few. 

You will look at your parents in a completely different way You've heard them tell you before, "Wait ‘til you have your own kids..." Well, they’re right. Everything you put your parents through, the good, the bad and the ugly, you will appreciate them much more after having your own kids and you’ll have a new respect for mami and papi.

You'll never feel ready enough Planning for baby is great but nothing can really prepare you for having a child. The sleepless nights, the round-the-clock attention and frequent visits to the pediatrician’s office can be overwhelming. Did we mention they outgrow their clothes almost overnight?

Your body will change, permanently We know our bodies are going to go through changes, right? But some of those changes will be hanging around a lot longer than expected. Your shoe size may increase, your skin might change and your hair might even get a permanent shine. Hey, now you have an excuse to go shoe shopping!

You’ll be less judgmental Before you had children, you rolled your eyes at the kid on the plane who wouldn't stop screaming. Now, you give the parents an empathetic smile.

It makes you value your girl time Before having a baby, you met up with the girls all the time, now those visits are few and far between. When you do get a chance to hang out with the girls, you’ll enjoy just catching up and listening to some good chisme.

No matter how many childbirth classes you take, it really is painful Sorry, there's just no getting around that part. Labor hurts. Think of having the worst menstrual cramps you ever had, then multiply that by 100. Many moms say a warm bath and breathing exercises help to alleviate some of the pain.

Your baby will look a little funny the first time you see him In the movies, "newborns" are 4-months old and adorable.  Your baby will look a little....different. Her eyes will be puffy and swollen, her head will be shaped like a cone and her skin will be flaky. But you’ll love her anyway. 

You'll be a totally different parent then you expected Maybe you thought you'd be a laid-back mom or have a strict approach on disciplining. Chances are, your school of thought on a lot of parenting issues will change once baby is here. 

You will be judged New moms are usually surprised to learn that some mothers treat parenting like a competitive sport.  Don’t let it bother you. You know what’s best for your baby, not anyone else.

You’ll have a new appreciation for your partner Watching your partner care your baby and sharing in parenthood will make you look at your partner in a whole new light. Go ahead, stare at him while he rocks her to sleep or gives her bath. These are the moments that make everything worth it.

Calling all moms: What's the one thing that was the most shocking for you about having a child? Share in the comments!