The 20 Greatest Lessons We’ve Learned from Our Moms

Paulina Zepeda: “Always aim higher than what you want.”

Kizzy Kizz: “Always follow your gut feeling.”

Victoria Torres: “I grew up in a single-mother household. My childhood was happy, but it was poor. We didn't have the luxuries that other families had, or vacations to talk about after each summer break. My mom gave her two daughters the gift of an education. She said my education and my reputation were the two most valuable things I'd ever own. As a child I thought, ‘Hmmph! What does she know?’ At the age of almost 40, I get it now. Thank you mom for everything – for a love so rare that nothing in this world (not a car, a fancy home, or a vacation) could ever be compared to. Happy Mother's Day to you and to all the mothers of the world!”

Tania Lopez: “If you can help someone do it. Goodness is always repaid.”

Evelynn Floes Barrera: “Edúcate mija.”