The 20 Greatest Lessons We’ve Learned from Our Moms

Someone did say mothers know best. In honor of this upcoming Mother’s Day, we took to our Facebook page to ask readers about the greatest lessons taught to them by their Mamis.

We were touched to receive a flood of comments filled with everything from tenderly sweet words to harsher stand-straight-and-face-this-God-forsaken-world kind of advice.

While we couldn’t pick them all, below are a few that stood out to us.  

Carmen Mejia: “To never financially rely on a man and to always have your own bank account. Por qué nunca se sabe (Because you never know).”

Maribel Ascencio Rodriguez: “To never steal no matter how desperate we think we are. An honest person lives an honest life.”

Sol Luna: “My Abuelita taught me that I am a blessed woman for being born in the United States. Being of Mexican descent, she told me that I have a responsibility to fight for those brothers and sisters who feel they have no voice in this great country only because they have no legal status here. My family is dedicated to being that voice.”

Brandy Gordon: “Life is tough. Nothing is ever free. And a real woman can stand on her own.”

Sylvia Nieves: “To forgive.”