The 20 Greatest Lessons We’ve Learned from Our Moms

Angie Arrona: “My mom taught me to always smile, never rest on my past success, to always remember to pay it forward and to dream big!”

Jocelyn Edlyn Perez: “To be a feminist in Mexican culture. She’s a tough cookie and I love her very much for it. Also, to have faith in God.”

Pascale Downing Small: “Being a Latina, you're going to have to continue to prove yourself. Some men don't think women can do the job as good or better than they can. Prove them wrong!”

Cesi Gomez: “My beautiful mother taught me to forgive others even if they haven't asked for forgiveness, because holding a grudge will make you bitter. Also to treat everyone as equals and with kindness to all races, colors, ethnicities, nationalities, people of all religious background.”

Estela Roca-Matthews: “Whatever your job may be, do such a great job that they'll miss you when you're not there. I love my mama!”