The 20 Greatest Lessons We’ve Learned from Our Moms

Patti Trevizo Glover: “Always act like a lady and respect yourself.”

Mercedes Isla Lebrón: “This is a good question, specially for someone like me who wasn't raised by her mom. But despite of this, one of the greatest lessons I’ve learned from my mom was, actually IS to live in great fullness. For I became an independent, perseverant, curious, and soul-searching individual thanks to the life she gave me.”

Claudia George: “Don't take any crap.”

Jeri Brooks Becton: “Share what you have, blessings are meant to be shared.”

Marcia Rivera: “My vieja taught me that one doesn’t have to accept situations and people who do not contribute something positive to your life, but rather build and develop one's tolerance. It is the best way to live in harmony with others!”