Salma Hayek's Mami Tricks: Hiding Vegetables & Dr. Seuss

Our November cover girl Salma Hayek is one clever mami. During a recent appearance on the Rachael Ray Show, the 45-year-old Mexican actress shared some tips on mothering 4-year-old Valentina Paloma. Valentina is the daughter of Hayek and her husband of two years, French billionaire François-Henri Pinault.

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According to People, Hayek told host Rachael Ray that Valentina travels a lot via plane and car and gets cranky sometimes – but the Mexicana said that what’s really wrong with her daughter is that she’s carsick. “I have these bracelets that are for motion sickness that I used while I was pregnant — because I was carsick for 9 months nonstop!” Hayek said. “I put them on her and it’s made a huge difference.”

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As for Valentina’s eating habits, Hayek said she has resorted to camouflaging her daughter’s vegetables!

“They love pasta … [so] I put [them] in tomato sauce,” Hayek said. ““You know what you can hide really well? Aubergine [eggplant], roast carrots, roast bell peppers [and] you can put a little bit of greens if you put enough of the other stuff.” How smart! Hayek said there has to be no clue that she lied though, because Valentina could find out. “You have to really puree [the vegetables],” she said. “It’s the way to do it.”

Our girl also told Ray that her favorite children’s book growing up in Mexico was her abuela! “My grandmother would come and tell me stories that can be beat by no book in the world,” Hayek said. “And she, that woman could make stories up night after night; I mean there was no ending.” As for Valentina, Hayek says any book by Dr. Seuss works.