Nintendo’s DSi XL is Super-Sized Fun

Too much of a good thing … is awesome! Meet the Nintendo DSi XL, the newest version of the Nintendo DS portable gaming system. Nintendo’s made it a personal company mission to expand our concept of “video games” by including men, women and kids of all ages, and besides having fun, the touchscreen DS can help you train your brain, stay organized and even learn how to cook better! And with the DSi XL, Nintendo has taken “bigger is better” to a whole new level.

If you’ve always thought “less is more” was a cop-out, you’ll like the XL’s recurring “big” theme: It packs bigger, brighter screens; bigger, louder speakers; a bigger, redesigned glossy exterior (available in either burgundy or bronze, two very subtle, grown-up colors) and even comes with a large pen-sized touchscreen stylus. The new screens are actually 93 percent larger than the screens on the original Nintendo DS Lite!

But beyond that, the DSi XL can still play the massive library of Nintendo DS and DSi games out today—including our recent new obsession, America’s Test Kitchen: Let’s Get Cooking, an interactive cookbook that walks you through the steps of 300 mouthwatering recipes with voice-controlled instructions, guiding videos and the ability to divvy up prep work and cooking time with family and friends. The new screens on the DSi XL make it perfect to gather people around and use it—so even if the only thing your boyfriend can make in the kitchen is a hot mess, he can still feel like a part of the dinner team!

Nintendo DSi XL ($190, in Burgundy or Bronze) and America’s Test Kitchen: Let’s Get Cooking ($20) both in stores now. For more information, visit