New Study Finds Mexican Moms More Nurturing than U.S.-born Mothers

A new study on Mexican-American immigrant mothers finds that they are less tense than Chinese or non-Latino white mothers and that they provide more "warm and supportive home settings."

The study, published in the scientific journal Child Development, looked at Mexican-born, Chinese-born and white (non-Latino) U.S.-born mothers over a three-year time period. Mexican mothers were found to have 20 percent fewer arguments with their spouses than their white peers, and nearly 40 percent fewer arguments than their Chinese-peers. They also showed less depressive symptoms, reports the Huffington Post

While Mexican-born mothers showed a knack for creating nurturing environments, one area where they didn't do well was in encouraging cognitive skills, and reading to their children. This finding is partly due to maternal educations, the authors of the study say. Sixty-seven percent of Mexican immigrant mothers highest education was a high school diploma.

“What we have seen is that Latino mothers feel very insecure because they don’t feel they have the resources to help their children, since many have not finished school,” Dr. Galindo told NBC Latino. “There are always ways parents can reinforce cognitive development. We don’t need to be high school graduates to share the importance of learning and empowering Latina immigrant moms is very important."

What do you think of the findings? Latina moms: How do you create a nurturing environment for your children?