Natalie Morales Answers Your Questions: "Blending in is Boring!"

Hi Natalie!

I am daughter of foreign service officers and despite the fact that I was born in Brazil, my life was non-stop travel (France, Italy, Morroco, UK) and work. Love eventually brought me to the U.S. Even though, I've been here for almost 6 years (I am now a married mother of two), it's kind of hard to fit in to this new American way of life. You're American-born, but half Puerto Rican and half Brazilian. How do you manage that?



Dear Faby,

First, blending in is boring! Embrace that incredible background of yours and rejoice in all that you have to offer. Anyone who befriends you is lucky to know such a worldly and culturally dynamic woman and mother of two. Here are my suggestions to find a way to make your worlds meet. I don't know where you live now, but I have found almost every where I have lived or traveled there is always an expat group of Brazilians or Hispanics (we are everywhere). Find a way to reach out—usually there are organizations or church groups that you can join that will foster that connection to your country. Also, I know most Americans would love to learn about your culture. Why not host a Brazilian Carnival night where you serve Caipirinhas and make Farofa and Churrasco? Teach them what Brazil is all about and they will love it! Keep an open mind too and share in what America has to offer too. I know sometimes you may still feel like you don't belong, but you have two amazing kids who I'm sure keep you plenty busy...Thrive in your newest adventure!