The Most Popular Baby Names List Released!

The Social Security Administration releases the top baby names given to children born every year, and this year's list is out! In 2012, the top baby names were Sophia and Jacob. Not particularly surprising, as Sophia has been the most popular name for girls for the past two years, while Jacob has reigned supreme since 1999. No kidding.

But the top trending names are actually Hispanic, says Pamela Redmond Patran, co-author of "The Baby Name Bible" and co-creator of the baby-name website Nameberry.

"Many of the fastest-rising names are favorites with Hispanic parents," Satran said. "Gael, as in actor Gael Garcia Bernal, and Perla, a lovely spin on the newly fashionable Pearl. We also see the fast-rising Catalina, Elisa, and Iker, inspired by Spanish heritage or celebrities."

Laura Wattenberg, author of "The Baby Name Wizard," also identified another trending name that, in her words, "boils down to two words: beautiful and deadly."

The girl's name Cataleya rose from obscurity outside the top 1,000 list to become No. 479 in popularity last year, making it Wattenberg's choice for hottest name of the year.

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