Modern Mami: How Natalie Morales is Learning to Accept herself as a Work-in-Progress Mom

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When my first son was born in 2003, I wanted everything to be just “perfect.” We all have that ideal, after all. With Josh, I did have a perfect pregnancy, I must admit (sorry for all of you who suffered during your pregnancies, really I am). I never experienced morning sickness—which, given what I do for a living, was a major blessing. Even my labor was perfect. I didn’t really feel pain and didn’t go to the hospital until I was about 7 centimeters dilated. My doctor said had I waited any longer, I would have missed out on the epidural, God forbid!

However, that’s where perfect ended. My baby’s heart rate started to seriously drop on the monitor... I pushed. Nothing. Then my doctor said, “It’s time to go in the operating room.”

This was my first wakeup call to being a parent. I realized that all those images of “perfect” dancing in my head would need to undergo some serious re-evaluation. I am very far from being a perfect mom. In fact, I suffer from severe mom guilt, as so many of you do, when I work too much or overschedule myself, keeping me from spending quality time with my children. And although mom guilt is by no means a Latina thing, anyone who grew up in a Latin family knows that Mom does it all: supreme comforter, caregiver and provider. I am a work-in-progress mom, and as much as I try to do it all, I also end up doing way too much. Some days I’m pretty good at being almost perfect, in fact. But most days I’m not, and I go to bed feeling guilty and hoping tomorrow will be a better day.

Can you tell that I’m plagued by perfection? Aren’t we all? It’s time to get over it and accept we are flawed—we are human...[but] Mommy always makes a good dinner and gives them the hugs they need when they are sick or have a boo-boo. I know what I’m good at now—and I strive every day to be a little bit better than the day before. Maybe I’m still chasing perfection, my inner demon. But I’m learning. 

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