Mariah Carey on Sex of her Baby (Babies?): "I'm Not Telling Anyone"

Mariah Carey is still trying to keep some parts of her pregnancy secret, despite a recent slip of the toungue in which she seemingly revealed she may be expecting multiples. The pop diva told Extra that she doesn’t know if she is going to find out the sex of her baby and if so, “I’m going to keep it quiet because that’s all anyone wants to talk about.” 

She also talked about her holiday plans. While she and Nick normally go to Aspen, this year they can’t because of the pregnancy. “I was considering staying in LA but it’s not the most festive. It’s festive in its own way but I need snow.”

Pregnancy has changed more than Mariah’s holiday plans. She says her taste bud situation “is unparalleled. I don’t like that many things” and that she is “all about fruit.” Most shockingly, she had finally given up her trademark heels for a pair of flat boots from her new HSN line.