A Kid's Guide to Latino History

With Hispanic Heritage Month upon us, now is a great time to really teach your child about our history, culture and all the reasons why we should celebrate being Latino! If you’re looking for creative ways to grab your child’s interest (and trick him into learning while having fun), then check out A Kid’s Guide to Latino History: More than 50 Activities (Chicago Review Press, $14.95). This book covers everything from popular food recipes little hands can handle to crafts and projects centered around our folklore, famous Latinos, colonial history and immigration.

The book also includes a timeline and glossary along with recommendations for books, movies, museums and web sites so she can keep learning long after she finishes the book. Trust us, she’ll be a whiz when her teacher starts covering Latin America in history class!

Here are some fun activities you and your child can try now.

1. HH - Batido

2. HH - Worry Doll

3. HH - Ronron

4. HH - Cake