Jessica Alba "Excited, Nervous & Ready" For Baby #2

Our August cover girl Jessica Alba recently wrote about her excitement over the impending arrival of her second baby for  The 30-year-old Spy Kids 4 actress and mother to 3-year-old Honor Marie, said she is nervous and ready.  “The idea of loving someone as much as I love Honor is something I haven't wrapped my head around yet,” she wrote.  “But I know I will and I can't wait.”

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The Mexican-American actress said that she and husband Cash Warren have been gradually boosting their daughter’s confidence about doing “big kid stuff” such as no longer having to wear diapers and being allowed to chew gum.  “So I emphasize all these awesome things that she gets to do that the baby won't be able to do,” the Hollywood actress wrote.  “And she gets excited about having someone in the house that's younger than her, who doesn't get to do all these awesome things either (hee hee).”

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Alba confessed to having signed up for multiple mommy websites to check on her baby’s development.  “As a mother carrying a baby we get to bond while the baby is growing—reaching each milestone, feeling hiccups, kicks, rolling around,” she wrote.  “It's the blessing I think we get for all the round-ligament pain, sciatic pain and frequent trips to the bathroom.”