How to Build an Eco-Friendly Easter Basket

Jessica Alba asks and we provide! The gorgeous 29-year-old mommy to 2-year-old Honor Marie (who's expecting her second baby with Cash Warren sometime in late summer/early fall) sent out a tweet yesterday about eco-friendly Easter basket ideas. It makes total sense since Earth Day is this Friday and Easter is just two days later; What better way to celebrate the religious holiday than by going green? So we contacted Giselle Achecar, Puerto Rican eco expert and founder of EcoRicoTV— here are some tips Jessica or any mami can use!

Recycle your basket

If you’re starting from scratch, buy whatever Easter basket you’d get, preferably one that isn’t plastic, and make sure you can reuse it next year.

Fill it with straw

Instead of filling it with plastic grass, buy straw—it’s a biodegradable substance.

Use real eggs

Don’t buy plastic eggs. Just get some from the fridge and color them; it’s a fun family thing to do.

Opt for natural dyes

Some dyes are toxic, so instead boil some beets or blueberries and use the juice to dye your eggs.

Buy sustainable treats

Fill your basket with fair trade chocolate. When you buy fair trade you know that the chocolate is farmed and produced in an environmentally sustainable way, that the farmers producing it have been paid a fair wage and that no child was used in the production of that chocolate.

Happy Easter!