Holiday Decorating with Photos

As Latinos, we celebrate family with our special brand of gusto. Holidays are not-to-be-missed events that bring everyone to the table, and photos are a way to make family and friends feel instantly welcome. And today’s quality photo printers give you so many options.  Imagine…you can instantly print pictures, then use new and inventive ways to make these beautiful shots a part of your holiday décor. Check out these ideas:

  • Start a “family tree”: Make a simple facsimile of an evergreen by covering a light-but-large triangular piece of poster board (suitable for hanging) in green felt. Each year, take a family picture, print it out, cut it into a circle to resemble an ornament and glue it on the tree—a keepsake growing more special as years pass and photos accumulate.
  • Print photos to glue on place cards. The kids will love seeing themselves!
  • Use your mobile device to snap candid shots of holiday prep events—cooking together, shopping trips—and surprise everyone with a photo collage at the holiday meal. Put the shots on image-sharing sites so family who can’t be with you can share the joy.  
  • Start a new tradition: Take an annual extended-family photo in front of the tree or at the dinner table. In future holidays, displaying all the photos from all the years is a wonderful way to reminisce.
  • Rock your holiday presents with a really personal touch: make gift tags with cut-out photos of each gift recipient. And take a picture of presents under the tree before all that unwrapping begins!

On a practical note: Be sure your printer is equipped with ink and ready to go before the holiday festivities…’cause at the holidays, everyone wants to get into the picture!