Happy Mother's Day Wishes for Real Latina Mamis

We all love our mothers, and here at Latina.com we wanted to give you, our beloved readers, a chance to tell us all about why your mom is so special. We received so many beautiful submissions on our Facebook and Twitter pages that we were truly overwhelmed. In the end, we could only showcase 10 wonderful mamis and their daughters; but every mother we saw was special in one way or another.

From single mamis to abuelitas raising generations of babies, this Mother's Day we celebrate these unsung heroes.

Happy Mother's Day!

1. Mother's Day 1

Linaris and Minerva Casillas

"My mami taught me to put me first and not a man, while showing me (in typical Latina fashion) to cook, clean and take care of a good man. She taught me there is a way to do both without ever comprising my integrity. Tough times ahead? Well, you better keep your head up, always have class and never let them see you sweat."

2. Mother's Day 2

Ana Luisa and Maria Morales

"My mother, Maria, is the best because she always encourages me. If I am feeling down, she knows just what to say to make me feel good again. I hope I am just like her when I become a mother!"


3. Mother's Day 3

Rosa Martha Perez

"My mother, Rosa, immigrated to the U.S. from Mexico in 1965 with barely a 7th grade education. She taught me [Jeanette Perez Colby] the value of education and to never stop working toward my dreams, even in the face of adversity. Mami just opened up her own catering business in 2010, and I’m so proud of her!"

4. Mother's Day 4

Ambar Renova and Josefina Salcido
"My mother is the strongest woman I know.  She has truly been through hell and back—divorce, domestic violence and, worst of all, losing my brother, Manuel. Yet, through all that, she continues to smile and work hard. She just earned her Associate’s degree at the age of 54!"

5. Mother's Day 5

Lindsay, Valerie and Evelyn Molina

"Evelyn is the greatest mom in the world. Despite having me (Valerie) and my sister at a very young age, my mom defied the odds and came out on top professionally and as a loving mother. She has supported me regardless of how outrageous my plans were (even if they entailed traveling half way around the world). She is one of the strongest women I know and she deserves all of the happiness and blessings life can offer."

6. Mother's Day 6

Mabel Escudero and Nilsa Fernández
"I love my mom because she has always been a hard worker and as a single mother she gave my brother and me everything she could and thought was necessary—and it’s still doing it! I hope we can give her at least half of what she gave us."

7. Mother's Day 7

Sylvia Hall and Alma Rodriguez

"'Respect yourself first!' I heard that from my Mami a million times when I was lost in teenage ignorance. I didn't fully appreciate her words. During those years, I didn't respect anyone, especially myself. We both survived and because of her love I have learned to gain wholehearted respect for both of us."

8. Mother's Day 8

Maria and Carmen Rincon

"'Always look forward, mi'ja.' Indeed, being a single mother, my mother did just that. She worked three jobs to pull us out of extreme poverty, determined to succeed. She is my angel, my inspiration and daily motivation. Thank you God for allowing me to share this special day with my 71-year-old mamita."


9. Mother's Day 9

Brenda Davis and Raquel Rivera

"I got pregnant at the age of 16 and had a rough time but my mom never turned her back on me. She has supported me throughout the good and the bad times and my sons love their abuela with all their might. She has loved me unconditionally and now that I am an adult we have the best friendship ever. I wouldn't trade her for anything in this world."

10. Mother's Day 10

Amaris and Damaris Castillo

"My Mami has pushed me to pave my own way in life so I won't have to follow someone in theirs. She's my role model because of the tremendous strength she has and the endless love she has expressed for her family. Te quiero Mami, para siempre."

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