Father's Day Gadget Guide

If your papi is like most Latino dads, there are two things he loves to do: Take care of his little girl (no matter how old you are) and have the latest gadgets (even if he's not the most tech-savvy guy around). But this Father's Day, instead of splurging on a new high-tech device that's only going to frustrate him, or getting a gift that he's never going to use (like yet another tie), check out our gadget gift guide for fun and easy items he'll appreciate—all for less than $200!

1. Dad Tech Guide: Smartphone

For the smartphone-curious: Nokia E73 Mode smartphone (T-Mobile, $70, nokia.com), Droid Incredible (Verizon, $199, verizon.com), or iPhone 4 (AT&T, $199, apple.com)

Get Papi out of the cellular stone age with the latest smartphones. Depending on his carrier, you can sign him up for the best, including preorders on some of the hottest new products (the Droid Incredible and iPhone 4 both hit stores in a few weeks). He'll love being able to stay in touch with you; just don't show him how to find your Facebook page.

2. Dad Tech Guide: Logitech Remote

For the couch surfer: Logitech Harmony 650 Remote ($100, logitech.com)

With a one-button press of this super-smart, all-in-one programmable remote, it turns on the TV and DVD player, flips to the right inputs and even pops out the disc tray! Now Papi won't struggle to find Video Input 2 or call you asking how to change the channel to those World Cup highlights.

3. Dad Tech Guide: Shutterbug

For the shutterbug: Sony Cyber-shot H55 ($199, sonystyle.com)

Even if he's every bit the amateur (and cutting off abuela's head in his pictures) he won't miss a single snapshot with this simple, yet powerful digicam. Take super-crisp 14.1 megapixel pictures, see every detail with a 10x optical zoom and even fit the extended family all in one shot with Sweep Panorama mode. Say queso fresco!

4. Dad Tech Guide: Remington Shaver

For the mountain man: Remington R-5130 Rotary Shaver ($60, remington-products.com)

Men love new shaving gear, but almost never buy it for themselves. Make Dad's day by updating his ancient, rusty shaver with this titanium-coated piece of machinery. Now he won't give you a stubble burn on your cheeks when he hugs you.

5. Dad Tech Guide: Sennheiser Headphones

For the music-lover: Sennheiser HD 515 headphones ($130, sennheiser.com)

Let Dad rediscover all of his favorite Latin classics with these audiophile-level over-the-ear headphones. It's also great for when he wants to watch TV as loud as he wants!

6. Dad Tech Guide: Panasonic Blue Ray

For the movie buff: Panasonic DMP-BD65K Blu-Ray Player ($180, panasonic.com)

If Dad can't get enough of the silver screen, hook him up with the best of both worlds: This player handles both high-definition, jawdropping Blu-Ray discs and also connects with a separate Netflix account to stream thousands of movies straight to his TV. Even though he loves the experience of the movie theater, this picture looks so good you might have trouble getting him out of the house!

7. Dad Tech Guide: Realted Links