The 10 Most Dangerous Foods For Babies

We know that when it comes to your little ones, safety always comes first. Lately we’ve lately been hearing the question of “what foods are dangerous for my baby?” from you newer mamis out there. As your precious bundle grows up, there are some foods that you should definitely be VERY careful about feeding. In fact, these are the 10 most dangerous foods for babies that you should be avoiding right now. Be careful, chicas! 

1. Dangerous Foods For Babies: Raw Carrots

Raw Carrots

Raw carrots and other raw vegetables can be difficult for your baby to process. They can also be a big chocking hazard, so better keep them off the menu until your little one is at about 2 years old.

2. Dangerous Foods For Babies: Marshmallows


Soft foods like marshmallows (or gummy candies) are definitely not good for your little one. They can be a potential chocking hazard, not to mention being too filled with sugar. 

3. Dangerous Foods For Babies: Nuts & Seeds

Nuts & Seeds

Peanuts in particular are on the no-no list for this category. They can get lodged in your baby’s throat and become a chocking hazard, too. Even nuts can get stuck in the airway and cause infection. 

4. Dangerous Foods For Babies: Popcorn


Although it’s a great healthy snack for adults, popcorn can be very dangerous for the little ones. The sharp edges and kernel flakes can cause gagging, so keep away until they’re about 4 years old. 

5. Dangerous Foods For Babies: Hard Candies & Gum

Hard Candies & Gum

These are a HUGE chocking hazard, so stay far away! Any kind of hard candy has the potential to get stuck in your little one’s throat. The same goes for any kind of gum. 

6. Dangerous Foods For Babies: Hot Dogs

Hot Dog

They may be an easy snack to prepare, but the circumference of a hot dog proves to be a potential issue for your baby’s throat. Instead, cut them into noodle-like strips if you plan to feed them. 

7. Dangerous Foods For Babies: Grapes


Although delicious, they’re actually the perfect size to get stuck in your baby’s throat. Oh no! Instead, cut them into 1/4 pieces (and make sure they’re seedless!) before giving some to your little one. 

8. Dangerous Foods For Babies: Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter

Not only are peanuts a high allergy risk, but the sticky substance could be difficult for babies to swallow. Definitely put this one on your “must avoid” list until your baby is a big people food pro. 

9. Dangerous Foods For Babies: Apples


Apples, like raw veggies, aren’t great for babies to ingest because they can accidentally cause gagging. You should also be careful with apple juice, as more than 4 ounces can cause diarrhea. 

10. Dangerous Foods For Babies: Sausages


Just as with hot dogs, the circumference of sausages can be a chocking hazard. We all know that you love your chorizo, but for now keep it away from the baby or cut into very thin strips.