Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with your Kids

We love any excuse to celebrate Mexico (and any reason to cook Mexican food). We found this aborable Mexican Cookbook Kit and think it is a great way to share Cinco de Mayo with your little ones—and we have it on good authority that this is the exact kit that Jessica Alba and little Honor use at their home!
The Mexican Cookbook Kit, by a company called Handstand Kids, comes with a book of Mexican recipes (like Farmer's Market Chips & Salsa, There's a Meatball in My Soup, and Cheese sandwiches into Quesadillas), and an oven mitt packaged in a cute tortilla bag. All the utensils and ingredients are translated into Spanish and the recipes are leveled from 1 to 4 avocados so you will know the appropriate age for each recipe.
You can also buy other accessories like place mats that double as cutting boards, a little apron, chef hat, etc. The best part: there’s a promo code for this and next week! 20% off of all products, with coupon code SALSA20.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!