Autism Speaks Targets Black & Latino Families in New Campaign

A recent CDC study pointed out that the largest increase in the number of children diagnosed with autism is Hispanic and African-American children. So it's no surprise that Autism Speaks, the autism advocacy organization, is working to educate Hispanic and Latino families about autism -- starting with a series of ads aimed at them. 

“Earlier diagnosis are so important because if we can get a child by 2 years old, in most cases, with help that child can go to regular kindergarten,” says Liz Feld, president of Autism Speaks. “The window between 2-5 years old is the most important time to deal with treatment.”

The ads, which will have both English and Spanish versions, are aimed at the demographics that also possibly feel more of a sense of shame and stigma about having an autistic child. There will also be a text campaign, in which parents can text "maybe" to 30644 (or "quizas" to 30644 for the Spanish version) and answer a few questions about their child to determine if there are signs of autism.

“Sometimes mothers feel such blame if something is wrong and might not want to speak to their husbands about it, so the text message campaign not only saves having to spend $90 on a checkup but also allows the parent to ask questions privately,” describes Feld.

Watch the ad below and let us know what you think.