7 Apps to Help Your Child Learn Español!

Rosetta Stone, the leader in language education, recently announced they would be launching an interactive bilingual app for kids. Their new app, Lingo Letter Sounds, aims to tap into early childhood language development and is said to be the beginning of a series of learning programs for kids. 

Full of cute animations, the app is targeted to 3-6 year olds and promises to “promote

English phonetic awareness, pronunciation of letter sounds, and a grasp of everyday Spanish phrases.”  Users find the program engaging and encouraging.  It features a reward system where kids are able to win “toys” with each puzzle they solve.  Parents can also track their child’s progress and increase the level of difficulty as they go.

Here are some other great bilingual apps that are helping kids learn their espaňol:

My Bilingual Baby  Developed by a speech therapist, this app lets children hear Spanish sounds, words and phrases so they can recognize and practice pronunciation.

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