You Need This Millennial Lotería For Your Next Game Night

The beloved game you’d stay up late playing at abuelo’s house just got a modern update.

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Lotería, a game of chance, has roots that trace back to Mexico and has become a huge tradition in Latino culture. Mike Alfaro, a writer and creative director gave the iconic card game a millennial twist and displays the work on his Instagram account @millennialloteria.

The 29-year-old Guatemalan has fond memories of playing the game throughout his childhood but thought some of the cards displayed outdated stereotypes. “When I started looking at the old cards, I realized how outdated some of the images were… I think Latino women don’t just wanna be La Dama, they would identify more with La Feminist. If you’ve ever been to Coachella or gone on Snapchat, you probably relate more to La Flower Crown than La Corona," the artist told Vivala.

Alfaro uses a scanner app, Photoshop and Illustrator to make these equally hilarious and scarily accurate images according to the media outlet. His ideas for the updated illustrations stem from his own cultural background as well as being a part of the millennial generation.

With everything from “El Brunch” to “La Border Wall” on his rendition of the cards, it’s clear he’s using his talent to make us laugh as well as provide a social commentary. Needless to say, we’re obsessed. Thankfully, the Los Angeles resident started a Society 6 profile where other nostalgic latinxs can pick up some awesome Millennial Lotería merch of their own.

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Check out Alfaro’s amazing work below!


1. El Tinder

2. El Gluten

3. El Global Warming

4. El Unicorn

5. La Border Wall

6. El Twitter

7. La Feminist

8. El Uber

9. La Selfie

10. El Brunch