The 20 Worst Things You Can Tell Your Latina Mom

If you're Latina, you're with me. There are just some things you can never tell your mami - unless of course you want to throw her into cardiac arrest. Throughout my life, I've been conditioned to learn of the kinds of statements that are better left unspoken in a Latino household - the list seems endless.

One of my ultimate favorite things to do with my Latina friends is exchange hilariously horrific stories of our exchanges with our moms - I can do a killer impersonation of my mother (even she thinks it's funny). So one day it struck me - how fun would it be to group all our taboo statements together into one big pile? I wrote some from personal experience, and others were offered to me by friends. Of course, don't go out and say these things to your mom (unless you already have hehehe). Just sit back, and have a good laugh.

“I’m not a virgin."... seriously, do you want to get slapped?

“I actually think I don’t want any kids – like ever.”