Women's Equality Day: 5 Things We Still Need To Achieve

Women's Equality Day: 6 Things We Still Need To Achieve

Women's Equality Day falls on August 26, the anniversary of the day that the 19th Amendment gave women the right to vote.

"Women are succeeding like never before. Their contributions are growing our economy and advancing our nation," President Barack Obama said in a statement on Monday. "But, despite these gains, the dreams of too many mothers and daughters continue to be deferred and denied."

"There is still more work to do and more doors of opportunity to open," he continued.

Today, let's thoughtfully consider how far women (and Latinas!) have come in America, but also take a moment to discuss what we have yet to accomplish: 

1. Women still need equal pay for equal work.

According to the Pew Research Center, women earn about 84 cents per male dollar. The numbers are even more abysmal for Latinas, who earn 54 cents per dollar earned by a white male. The fact remains that women are paid less than men to perform the exact same jobs, and women-dominated fields historically pay less in general. 

2. Women still need more female politicians in office:

According to the Center of American Women and Politics at Rutgers University, women held just 18.5% of seats in the U.S. Congress: 20% in the Senate, and 18.2% in the Houes of Representatives. Women of color fared even worse: they comprise just 4.5% of Senators and Representatives at a national level.

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