Hundreds of Women Gather in Argentina to Protest Breastfeeding Stigma

Massive Protest In Argentina Gathers Hundreds in Favor of Breastfeeding in Public

On Saturday, hundreds of Argentine mothers gathered to protest against the mistreatment of a woman in the Greater Buenos Aires Area who was told that she couldn't breastfeed in public.

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Constancia "Coni" Santos began breastfeeding her nine-month-old boy, Dante, when she was approached by two police officers who said she could not do so in public. When Santos asked them to explain which law she was breaking, they threatened to arrest her for resisting authority and asked for hers and her child's identification.

But there currently isn't a law in Argentina that threatens a woman's right to breastfeed in public. Worse, when Santos tried to report her experience, the Women's Police Unit said that because it was not gender-based violence, what ocurred wasn't a crime.

Luckily, the power of social media came to her defense.

Santos posted a Facebook status about the situation, gathering thousands of supporters willing to protest in the #TeteadaMasiva, or the massive breastfeeding protest. Hundreds of mothers came together to breastfeed their children in public, in the same plaza where Santos was told it was illegal for her to nurse her son. Those who could not make it out on Saturday joined a "teteada virtual." Even some Argentine celebrities took to Instagram to show pictures of them breastfeeding their children.

Many men were also in attendance, with and without children.

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"I'm an advocate for nursing, an advocate for nursing when a baby is hungry," said a father at the protest with his child in his arms. "It doesn't matter where it is ... it's not difficult."

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