Blessings, On Blessings! There's A Healing Resort In Costa Rica For Women of Color & White People Are Not Welcomed

In a culture where more women of color are honoring their roots and embracing self-love, organizations such as the Women Of Color Healing Retreat are championing us by creating a safe space to simply be. 

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In Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica there's some major black and brown girl magic happening because one woman decided enough is enough. After having a spiritual awakening Andrea X, who also goes by Satya X, moved from New York City to Central America in hopes to change her outlook on life, explore her inner truth, and move away from the racist culture of the US. 

Talk about a total, spiritual gangsta right?! 

"I created Women of Color Healing Retreats out of the desire to connect Black “Americans” (Africans) to nature and themselves. The retreat’s goal is to bring women together for 6 days and 7 nights of healing and community building. in the Afro-Latino town in the gorgeous Caribbean coast of the country." Everyone says Ommmmm, a sound or mantra traditionally used and chanted in yoga to unite everyone at the beginning and end yoga sessions. 

But here's why this is such a huge deal. The women travel experience welcomes women of color only. It's the first ever of it's kind to politely reject white people.  The spiritual retreat was founded to create a space where Blacks and Latinas can come to unwind and disconnect from the psychological trauma of systemic racism. 

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From empowerment workshops, exploring the nature of hikes, swimming in the bluest oceans, practicing yoga to meditating the experience is sure to guide those who seek inner peace and self-love. 

Guest are encouraged to face their fears and engage in meaningful dialogues with strangers who later become sisters after breaking free from society's standards. Ready to meet your future soul sisters, be sure to visit Andrea's site here for all the details. 

Check out this epic video highlighting the once in a lifetime experience of the WOCHR.