Will Marco Rubio's Immigration Push Help the GOP?

Florida Senator, Marco Rubio, has been increasing his cred as a possible vice president for the GOP. Since presidential candidate, Mitt Romney announced that Rubio was on his list for possible VP, the Cuban politician has become more vocal about his stance for increasing jobs and supporting immigration rights.

The Republican Senator may be a crucial player on whether Romney will be able to win over the Latino vote. As the son of Cuban exiles, Rubio recently addressed an immigration push that would offer an alternative to the Democratic-supported, Dream Act, which would legalize immigrants who have graduated from high school and hope to obtain a college education.

Rubio, who was named one of Time Magazine’s "100 Most Influential People in the World," is developing a bill that would allow young undocumented students to remain in the United States to finish their education. In addition, they would be able to apply for residency along with their families.

It may sound promising, but his proposal won’t offer citizenship for the nearly 11 million illegal immigrants, according to the Associated Press. He tells the AP, "We have to come up with an immigration system that honors both our legacy as a nation of laws and also our legacy as a nation of immigrants.”

Do you think Rubio's immigration push will help the GOP?