When is It Okay to Call a Latina “Spicy?”

When is It Okay to Call a Latina “Spicy?”

When you hear the terms "spicy," "hot" and "juicy," chances are you'll begin envisioning an olive-skinned, curvy woman with long, brown hair, donning a figure-hugging red dress as she entices you with a soft whisper, usually the word "papi" or a roll of the tongue. From there this hot, spicy figure might jump in a bed of roses or dance to a Tango beat. Whatever happens next, you've known one thing from the very start of this thought-turned-fantasy: This woman's Latina.

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As I've written in the past, "words used to describe Latina bodies figuratively reduce Latinas to food that’s craved, salivated over, attained, devoured and then flushed away."

What's up with that? 

Instead of being valued for our talents, intellect or, I don't know, the fact that we're people, Latinas are constantly dehumanized through words that are more fit to describe our mami's bistec

So what do we do about it? This chart might help. Whenever you hear someone referring to a Latina as a peppery condiment, send this over to them. Through this chart, they'll learn that whether she's smothered in Sriracha hot sauce or her name is Jennifer Lopez, she should never, ever, be called "spicy."