This is What Your World Without Latinxs Would Look Like

This is What a Day Without Latinx Would Look Like

On Thursday, foreign-born Americans across the country protested in a national movement called "A Day Without Immigrants."

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The walkout cast an important light on how much foreign-born workers contribute to the U.S. economy — and how life here can change vastly if harsh immigration reform continues under Donald Trump's administration. 

Here are some things you should know about how Latinx people contribute to the United States:

The United States would lose about 25 million workers. Nearly 16 percent of the U.S. labor force is Latinx. Latinx adults also had the greatest workforce participation rate of any demographic with more than 65 percent working or actively looking for a job.

Almost half of the foreign-born workforce population could be lost. Latinxs make up 48.8 percent of the foreign-born workforce, while 24.1 percent is Asian, 16.8 percent is white and 9.2 percent is black, according to BLS.

A million more Americans would suffer fatalities from heart disease. Julio Palmaz, an Argentine doctor in vascular radiology, invented the balloon-expandable stent, which is used in many cardiovascular proceedures to open up arteries. Stents are used to open the clogged arteries of approximately a million Americans annually.

The crime rate in certain places could potentially go up.  According to a study done in New York City, police precincts serving areas with higher immigration levels tended to witness larger declines in crime rates than areas with fewer immigrants. They found that for every 1 percent increase in a precinct's imigrant population, an average of 966 fewer crimes are committed each year, which is a two-thirds drop in crime.

The food market would have significantly less flavor. According to consumer research, Hispanic food has approached $18 billion in 2015. Say goodbye to Taco Tuesdays and Margarita Mondays. 

Our food would also be vastly more expensive. Sources report that as much as 70 percent or more of the country's farming workforce is undocumented and more than half of them lack work authorization.

Art museums would be completely devoid of iconic artists like Frida Kahlo, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Diego Rivera and more. In honor of "A Day Without Immigrants," The Davis Museum in Massachusetts put a black cloth over pieces by immigrants to show solidarity. Approximately 20 percent of the museum's permanent pieces was created by immigrant artists.

Our economy would plummet due to lack of innovation and economic productivity. In addition to this, the Institute of Taxation and Economic Policy calculated that undocumented immigrants across the country pay more than $11 billion in taxes.

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The ways in which Latinx people have shaped the United States could go on forever. But we hope these statistics put the reality of the situation going on right now into perspective.