26 Items to Wear Your Resistance on Your Sleeve

From calling out Eurocentric beauty standards and celebrating our pajóns to challenging colonialism and giving diet culture the finger, these shirts make wearing our resistance on our sleeves feel and look oh, so good.

Click through for 26 tees that’ll keep you fighting the white supremacist, transphobic and capitalist patriarchy while on the go. 

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United we stand, divided we fall right? From the colorful skin tones to the different nail art hues, reclaim the word nena by sporting this vibrant and diverse top from Latina




For years, Hollywood has portrayed Latinx actors as being the "help" or a negative light in several films. Who remembers Jennifer Lopez leading role in Maid In Manhattan? Though it was a win for us all, we are should be represented as more than maids, sex symbols, or gang members. Stand up and let the world know by wearing Latina Made Not Maid Ladies t-shirt.


The National Center for Education Statistics projects a 42 percent increase in Hispanic-American college students by 2021, embrace your heritage and educational journey with this Educated Latina top. 


Pay homage to the late and great legends of Nina Simone, Maya Angelou, and Gloria Steinem. Are you the next feminist icon to change the world? We're rooting for you chicas, rock this top from FeministApparel with a touch of street style. 


In a culture where afro-textured hair is considered "pelo malo," saying you love your pajón is revolutionary. Resist the racist messages shared across Latin America and U.S. Latino ‘hoods with this tee by Miss Rizos


Indigenous women across the Americas have been resisting colonialism and patriarchy since 1492. Commemorate your ancestors' strength and resilience with this shirt from Nalgona Positivity Pride.


Mujeres, we are capable of so much more than what the patriarchy wants to limit us to. Let Frida Kahlo share the message with this tee from Lucky 120.


Proudly rep your queer Latina feminism with this "G is for Gloria Anzaldúa" tee from GrowWildStudio.


Kick benevolent sexism’s oppressive ass in this "Soy Fuerte. Soy Mujer." top from L.A. Chica


Give passersby a real history lesson with this "Native Americans Discovered Columbus" tee sold at Beyond Buckskin Boutique.


Let the world know that your existence is to resist with this shirt from JotxWear.


Rape culture is all around us. With this shirt from EchoLyla, let your community know that you're there to combat it. 


Send a message to street harassers without opening your mouth with this top by BoredWalk


Celebrate trans women of color with this "Sylvia (Rivera), Marsha (Johnson), Miss (Major Griffin-Gracy) & Dorian (Corey)" tee on Zazzle.


Put a racist, xenophobic, ageist and elitist stereotype to rest with this top from Skreened.


Join the voices of "undocumented, unafraid and unapologetic" immigrant youth across the country with this tee from NYSYLC.


Give diet culture the finger and start a body-loving revolution with this "Riots Not Diets" tee by Real Rebel.


Say "eff you" to the limited, unattainable Eurocentric standard of beauty – light skin, straight hair, thin nose, colored eyes, slim bodies, etc.  – that has been shoved on us by diet, beauty and media industries with this top from NHDC Tees.


And remind society with this tee from Sociedad Cimarrona that despite being called "exotic," "dirty" and "ugly" for centuries, black and brown people are beautiful.


While systemic and everyday forms of oppression tell us we are inherently less than, send a reminder that, actually, Latina Girls Rock. Find this top at CrystalTrendsDesigns.


When you can't get justice from those who are supposed to protect and serve, you have to police the police. Find this shirt at AllRiot.


Despite what Donald Trump and his horde of xenophobic followers say, "no human being is illegal." Spread the message with this tee from MeAndMoy.


Are you the Afro-Latino American Dream? This CafePress shirt is for you.


Celebrate radical, feminist Boricua women with this "Lola (Rodriguez de Tio) y Lolita (Lebron) y Julia (de Burgos) y Luisa (Capetillo)" shirt at teespring.


Celebrate black beauty with this "Black Thighs Matter" sweatshirt from TeeSpy.


Halloween is right around the corner, which means really frightening looks will be popping up on a street near you: racist costumes. Let your neighbors know that our "culture is not a costume" with this shirt available at Zazzle.